At Big League Lighting, we hear from players, parents, coaches and lifelong fans of the game that they've never seen anything like our lamps. We are committed to honoring the game with a product that is as unique as every person that orders one. Here are just a few of the things our customers are telling us:

"It was a pleasure working with Keith Smith and  Big League Lighting. He takes old equipment and turns it into a unique and custom piece that any player or parent would love to have. The turn-around time was fast and the finished product was tremendous. I will continue to spread the word about Big League Lighting. If you haven't heard of this company, go check them won't be disappointed." Jon Fellows - Shore Kaos Lacrosse Owner, Program Director & Coach - Centerville, MD

“I wanted to give my staff something unique for Christmas and Big League Lighting had the perfect answer. Most of my crew went to different colleges but Big League was able to track down helmets for them all. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they got their lamps. Thanks Keith.” Dr. Michael Downey - Ft. Worth, TX

“I wanted to celebrate my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, finally winning the big one and the lamp certainly did the trick. My lamp sits on my desk at work and I get comments on it everyday. An awesome piece for the sports fan that also has a function. FLY EAGLES FLY.” Chris Seiple - Philadelphia Eagles Super Fan - Salt Lake City, UT

“After seeing all of your incredible sports helmet lamps I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what one would look like with a fire helmet? Well, as soon as I saw the antique fire extinguisher sitting on my floor I knew it would be the perfect base. When I called you and asked your opinion you immediately said ‘I can make that!’ When you brought my lamp to my house it was even better then I imagined. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail was second to none! It wasn’t long before one of my Chiefs saw a pic of my lamp and said ‘We need these in the stations, how can we get some? Let me say I think I have the best looking lamp to date but I will say the ones you made for our department were just as nice. Like most things in the fire service, it doesn’t take long for the word to get out and now several local department have placed orders with you. In my opinion as someone with 26 years in the fire service and not far from retirement I can say that I would love to have one of these lamps given to me for my retirement over a nice fire axe. If any department is trying to find that perfect gift to recognize someone at retirement or for hitting a milestone in years of service this is the perfect gift! I get compliments on a daily basis from people that come into my office and see my lamp. Get ready to be busy making these fire helmet lamps. I hope your sports helmet customers don’t mind waiting in line.” Jon Parsons - Firefighter, Coppell Fire Department - Prosper, TX

"Big League Lighting brings "light" to the future of innovative products. I was exciting to work with Keith Smith and his company on creating a lamp for our son. We have so many great memories of youth lacrosse. Using his old lacrosse gear in such a creative way helped to keep those memories alive and get the gear out of the garage. Keith and I spoke several time to ensure the lamp was exactly how my husband and I wanted it. Customer service was perfect in every way. We are looking forward to watching this company grow and will continue to get the word out on Big League Lighting. You won't be disappointed, neither will you lacrosse player." Jenny Sacco - Liverpool Youth Lacrosse Association - Liverpool, NY

"The lamp was the perfect way to keep my son's cherished first helmet, stick and game ball together. My son loves his lamp; it's a trophy with a purpose." Tamara Strause - Plano Wildcat Lacrosse Mom - Plano, TX

“Big League Lighting provided one of the coolest Christmas gifts I ever bought my son. Being able to use his old gear from the game he loves was a plus. I highly recommend Big League Lighting for that special gift for your player.” Charlie McCoy - Brother Martin Lacrosse Dad - New Orleans, LA

"My son's first head was cracked and we weren't sure what to do with it. Big League Lighting was able to repair it and, along with his first helmet and stick, made a keepsake for the game he loves. I recommend contacting Big League Lighting before getting rid of any of your old gear to see what they can do." Joel Rose - Prosper Lacrosse Coach & Dad - Prosper, TX

"The lacrosse lamp that I received was AWESOME!!! It was an extreme pleasure to work directly with someone that has not only created a product that is innovative but also exudes the passion that he puts into his craft. Keith took something we had and made it a timeless piece of art. I can definitely see this being passed down to the next generation. Plus, it is my honor to have a product that is built by a person that served in the military and who defended our country." Michael Lawrence - Westfield Youth Lacrosse Director - Westfield, IN